Everyday we strive to provide you with the highest quality in our products and customer experience

    • Clever Cupcakes was founded in 2010 by Juan and Elsa Escobedo in response to the lack of healthy and tasty allergy-friendly treats for their children.
    • Due to its high quality ingredients and its mouthwatering taste, very quickly Clever became the treat of choice for parents and teachers in the Coquitlam and Vancouver area. Our happy customers have spread the word and now people all over the lower mainland see us as the go-to-store for their celebrations’ treats.
    • Reasons our customers love  Clever Cupcakes
        • We support our neighborhood and our community by buying Canadian ingredients of the best quality and by donating delicious cupcakes to support several local initiatives and fundraising efforts. See here some of the causes we have helped (Mexican event in favour of earthquake, Coquitlam Food Bank, Yolanda school, Coquitlam Olympian skater)
        • We use only high quality ingredients
        • We enjoy working early everyday to have freshly baked cupcakes for you
        • We offer a wide range of options for health-minded people and people with allergies. In addition to use fresh high quality ingredients, 50% less sugar and bake in a peanut/nut-free facility you can request your cupcakes/cake to be: sugar free, gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan or any combination of the these
        • We work very hard to provide outstanding  and personalized service and place special attention to detail that results in exceeding our customers’ expectations